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Are you looking for a snorkeling trip in Komodo with the kids or friends who are not divers as yet? Do you want to see the amazing underwater world in the most famous diving destination around the world? Join Red Whale speedboat and let’s explore those unexpected places in one day to the maximum extent.

We have several snorkeling trips that might fit your need. Let’s start with our classic itinerary to the places below:
Bidadari Island – Kanawa Island – Kelor Island – Gusun Island – Kalong Island.

The bahasa word “BIDADARI” in English means “ANGEL”. So Bidadari Island is also called Angel Island. On this island, there is only one resort. The beach here is very nice and we can relax on the beach and snorkel around. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you can see the baby reef shark swimming around. They are not dangerous at all; quite on the contrary, they are super cute species. These baby sharks are so curious about the snorkelers but meanwhile so afraid of us. So, if you want to get close to them, please slow down your fin movement and approach step by step.

Next stop, we will go to Kanawa Island. There is one hotel and also a restaurant on the island where you can grab a drink under roof. If you would like some suntan skin, there are some beach benches where you can lie down and take a nap. Kanawa Island is a very nice place for snorkeling. Once you put your face under water, you will be greeted with beautiful corals and different types of fish, like snapper, batfish, lionfish, glass fish, grouper, moray eel, napoleon wrasse and even turtles. We can start snorkeling from the jetty and swim round along the coastline. Near the beach part, the water there is very shallow, so we can easily see the coral. The corals are very fragile, so please don’t snorkel over the coal when it’s very shallow, as no coral can survive from any of our slight fin kick.

Kelor island is a small island with a very steep hill. However, the view from the top is amazing, although it’s quite challenging to make it up to the top. The steep angle is more or less 45 degree. When we start to climb up, don’t look down and believe in yourself. Even though it’s steep, the mountain itself is not high. 5 minutes we can also reach the top, as from the foot to the top, just around 80meters only. When you reach the top, it’s time to make a selfie, as it is quite precious and valuable moment. From the top of the hill, you can see a crescent shaped beach. On the left side of the beach, the area is flat and shallow. If you are not a good swimmer, you can practice a little bit there. On the right side, it’s very nice snorkeling place where you can see the mantis shrimp, ribbon eel, lionfish, baby sharks, squat shrimp, moray eel, stingray, etc. Of course, you need a good snorkeling guide who can show you this, as these species like playing hide and seek. The coral here is not extraordinary, but there are so many unexpected things hiding under the coral bed. Sometimes, we can have some current here in Kelor while we are snorkeling. Therefore, please always follow the snorkel guide.

Now, let’s head for Gusun Island. Gusun island is a super tiny island, which is only 5 meters wide and 5 meters long. If you love romance, you can’t miss it. In here, all of our crew will leave you alone with your loved ones, as it will be your private islands. In fact, Gusun is not the name of the island, but it’s the type of those islands which are small in size and have only a small part above the surface. In fact, in Komodo National Park, there are so many islands that can be called Gusun. The one we choose for you is the one and only, as in here you won’t see any other visitors, and you can enjoy the sunset here without disturb. Our captain and crew are not just those who only know about work, Manggaraians(local people) are music and dance lovers. The rhythm is in their soul. So you might hear them singing on the boat too only when you don’t feel bothered. We don’t provide alcohol, but we don’t mind if you bring any champagne with you. Love, music and wine are good friends with each other, especially on a remote island.

When the sun is about to set down, it’s time to head for Kalong Island, the flying foxes island. Every day about the sunset time, there will be thousands of flying foxes heading to Rinca Island or Flores Island for food. This is unique scene and the kids love this lot. Sometimes, if you are lucky, the foxes will come around 5 meters over our head and we can see closely how they move their wings. On the way back to the harbor, you can just lie down on the sundeck of our speedboat and you will be embraced by countless stars in the sky too.

It’s going be a full day trip but full of fun. You can miss the day, you can also miss the night, but don’t miss the moments when you can have with the love ones.

For more details of the trip, feel free to contact us via email as below

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