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Have you heard about Kanawa Island? It is located in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, with an area of approximately 32 hectares. Yes, it is a small island. But ‘small’ is not exactly what defines Kanawa Island. What if I told you that Kanawa Island has a fascinating natural beauty, especially its beaches and the underwater world? In fact, Kanawa Island may be one of the best diving sites. Interested yet? Hang on. Today we are going to present you all about Kanawa Island. Keep reading.

Located about 15 kilometers from Labuan Bajo, Kanawa Island offers beautiful beaches and enthralling underwater park that you do not want to miss. The blue sea bounded with bluish-green color is so captivating. Most people fall in love with it. That being said, snorkeling and diving are the best choices to enjoy the underwater beauty of Kanawa Island. At the bottom of the sea, you will be treated to a stunning view of colorful fishes of various sizes living in beautiful coral reefs.


If you like to have even more challenging adventures, dive deeper into the ocean. You will find manta rays, sunfish, and even whale sharks! Imagine that. Diving with sharks!
The fun does not stop there. On the afternoon, the sea water of Kanawa Island will slowly recede, revealing the marine life such as starfish and tiny crabs on the coastal shores. You do not need to dive or snorkel to witness the underwater life. In fact, you can even pick one or two starfish.

However, for the ultimate experience, it is a lot better to dive. Do not bring your diving equipment? Rest assured; there are diving centers in Kanawa Island that rent out diving equipment for tourists. For only about USD 5, you can rent floats, goggles, and frog legs for a full day long.

Another thing to do is trekking up the hill behind the bungalows in Kanawa Island. On its peak, you can enjoy a stunning view of sunset and sunrise that are equally beautiful. There is already a gazebo there, built specifically for visitors to enjoy the beautiful panorama from the top of the hill.


This island is ideal for those who want to find a private space to enjoy holidays. Although it is a small island, you can already find accommodation there. In fact, there are 14 bungalows in the foothills gazing toward the coast. Since there are only 14 bungalows, space cannot be overcrowded, thus a perfect place for retreat.

The accommodation is quite decent, a wooden dock with comfortable beds, and amazing natural view of the beach as well. For only about USD 30 per night, you can stay in one of the cottages near the beach. As you close your eyes to rest, the sound of the beach can be relaxing to body and mind.

Overall, visiting Kanawa Island is fascinating experience, except for water and electric use. On the downside, since it is a small island, getting clean water is not exactly easy. Thus, it is important to remember the rule on the island: refill of fresh, clean water for the bathroom tub in each room is only scheduled once per day, and lasted only for 30 minutes, from 4:00 p.m. to 4:30 pm. Well, clean water in a small island indeed is quite costly and extremely valuable.

The electricity for each bungalow is only available from 6 pm to 11 pm. if you need to use the outlet to charge your phones, you can plug them in a restaurant that opens all day. After 11 pm, you will only have the luminous sky with thousands of blinking stars. If you are lucky, a parade shooting star may be witnessed at night.


Kanawa Island is +/- 15 kilometers from Labuan Bajo and can be reached using a motor boat or speed boat in less than an hour. There is also a free boat shuttle provided by the manager of the resort on Kanawa Island with a specified schedule. Another option is to get on a boat for about USD 20.


The accommodations in Kanawa Island are managed by an Italian, who employs local people of Flores. So, you can expect to find Indonesian and Western cuisine (mostly Italian food) in the beach restaurant called Starfish. You can expect to find delicious pizza and pasta there. There is also a beach bar to hang out in.

Beautiful beaches, a stunning underwater world to see and a decent accommodation to stay are all about Kanawa Island. It is a perfect retreat for you that seek peace and at the same time also perfect for those who seek adventure. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bagpack and get ready to visit Kanawa Island.

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