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What do you have in mind when you first learn about Loh Liang National Park? From the name itself, ‘Loh Liang’, you would probably assume that it is somewhere in East Asian countries. Well, you would be mistaken. It is actually in Indonesia. If you are curious to know all about Loh Liang National Park, then read along.

If you have heard about Komodo National Park, then Loh Liang National Park is a part of it. However, let’s start with Komodo National Park first. It is located in Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. This national park has many attractions. Obviously, one of them is the existence of the Komodo dragons. Other attractions include savanna hills and underwater beauties like colorful coral reefs and fish. Then, where can we find all about Loh Liang National Park?

There are interesting locations around the area of Komodo National Park worth visiting, like Loh Liang, Pantai Merah (which means “the red beach” in English), Loh Sebita, Loh Buaya, Kalong Island, and Golo Kode. Also, do not forget that there are the other two large islands besides Komodo, which are Rinca Island and Padar Island. Some of these locations are spread on those three islands.

What to do in Loh Liang National Park:

If you are looking for a real experience of watching the real Indonesian animals, come to Loh Liang National Park. It is their habitat. You get to see the real komodo dragons on the island. If the sight of these great reptiles scares you a bit, no worries. You do not need to get too close to them. Just stand a couple of meters away and it is already close enough. As long as you remain standing erect, they just steer clear of you.

It is why you have to watch your step. You do not want to trip over and fall. Once you are lying on the ground, get up quickly before any of those Komodo dragons approach you. Just do not risk yourself that way.

Not only Komodo dragons, but you can also check out other wild animals around, like deer, boars, and even birds. If you can do bat-watching in Kalong Island, then Loh Liang National Park is the place for bird-watching.

Other activities that you can do in Loh Liang National Park include trekking and canoeing. Consider this an interesting experience for you, trekking in the wild. As usual, do not forget your camera. Take some shots of the wild animals with it.

Since it is such a long trek with so many things to see, you have to be fit. Even if you are the athletic type, you can still get exhausted after the trip. It is why hiring a local and more experienced ranger to guide you on a trek is highly suggested.

The clear air in Loh Liang National Park is also one to be thankful for. You need this kind of break from your typical, busy life in the big city.

How to get to Loh Liang National Park:

Then, how do we get to Loh Liang National Park? It is just the same as when you go to Rinca Island. Make sure that you get to Labuan Bajo Harbour first before you go to Rinca Island by boat. As usual, if you go solo, the speedboat is your choice of transportation. Make sure you are fit enough to do so. If you travel in groups, take a larger boat instead.

The trip to Loh Liang National Park takes about three to four hours. If you worry about getting seasick, bring your first aid kit with you. Take a pill or two to help you to sleep while you are on the way.

Since the trip to Loh Liang National Park takes about three to four hours, you might not have much to do. Do not expect that there will be stable network connection around. Your precious gadget will probably only work as a camera.

Worried about getting bored during the pretty long trip? That will not happen here. Use that amount of time to enjoy the scenery. Sit on the sundeck with a cup of coffee or tea. Watch the ocean and the sky so blue. Talk to the other passengers and get to know them if you travel solo. Who knows? You might return home from that trip with new contacts on your phone. No harm is done in making new friends on the way there and back.

The trip may take a long time, but it is still worth it. Especially if you have never been around Komodo dragons before. Let that be an experience you will never forget for the rest of your life.

Now you know all about Loh Liang National Park. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Start booking your next trip and enjoy every bit of it.

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