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Who knows Labuan Bajo, a busy tourism center on the western most tip of Flores Island, was once a small fishing village. Labuan Bajo is, now, a seaside town full of joy and wonder. Lots of tourists come in and out of this gateway town to Komodo National Park. Being the main gate to the house of dragons, Labuan Bajo keeps lots of wondrous and romantic resorts. Among them, there are the top 10 hotels around Labuan Bajo that you have to consider visiting:

Bintang Flores Hotel

This luxurious hotel has been around for three years and strategically located. It is 2 kilometers from Flores Harbor, and could be reached by a 10-minute drive from Komodo Airport and Labuan Bajo Ferry Terminal. A leafy pool just next to the beach and neatly carved awnings around you are what this hotel has for you. The hotel provides tea/coffee maker and a mini-refrigerator in each air-conditioned room. Rooms are spacious, have a high ceiling, and modernly furnished.

Plataran Komodo Beach Resort

For those who plan to have a quiet holiday away from town, this hotel could be a perfect choice. To reach this hotel, you must drive slowly through rough roads from the town. But, when you arrived, this resort provides a boat that will take you to the town in few minutes. Though there is no tea/coffee maker, this hotel is full of wooden traditional buildings and rooms that will enchant your eyes. And for those who wish for a lovely getaway, this hotel is a perfect choice. Located in remote Waecicu Beach, a private beach is always ready for any romantic events you would have.

Blue Parrot

Blue Parrot of Labuan Bajo is a strategically located minimalist hotel. This hotel is 15 minutes from Komodo Airport and just 5 minutes away from Labuan Bajo Harbor. There are also lots of options for dining spots by a 5-minute walk from the hotel. Featuring rooms with granite floor, wide windows, and a terrace, this hotel offers perfect sunset view for its customer.

Blue Marlin Komodo

For those who want diving for their holiday, this hotel is a perfect choice. Blue Marlin Hotel provides courses with multilingual PADI instructors and the only training purpose that built a pool for diving in Labuan Bajo. The customer could also enjoy delicious meals while enjoying marvelous sunset and views in provided by the hotel’s restaurant.

Puri Sari Beach Hotel

Another strategic hotel for a retreat on Labuan Bajo is Puri Sari Beach Hotel. It is located on 2 km from the town center and the airport. Rooms are spacious and have terrace with some chairs to sit on. For those who long for a natural ambient, this hotel has a garden full of green plants formations. An afternoon stroll would be nice in the hotel’s garden.

Jayakarta Suite Komodo-Flores

A seaside hotel with splendor pool that suits any celebrated moments defines this hotel. This hotel provided rooms with two fabulous, seaside and landscaped hill, views to choose. Rooms are provided with refrigerator and coffee/tea makers. Additional children’s club and babysitters are available for those who bring their children.

Seraya Hotel and Resort

This hotel boasts of its perfect blend of Seraya Kecil natural beauties and high-quality services. Maybe this hotel is the best among top 10 hotels listed. The hotel’s bungalows are exotic. It is a small room with wooden floors and stony gray beds. The whole of the bathrooms, even the shower, are from bamboo. The hotel’s suite is exquisite. It is a spacious 100 meters’ square room with private pool and living room. Both of the bungalows and suites are just some steps away from the wonderful blue ocean.

Komodo Boutique Hotel

Komodo Boutique Hotel is a good choice for a budget hotel in Labuan Bajo. For 450.000 IDR/night, this hotel provides rooms with private terrace facing the hotel’s garden and fountain. The bad news is you will miss sunset and seaside view at this hotel. The good news is, in exchange of sunset view, you could enjoy lunch and dinner on a boat that the hotel management provides. Customers are also picked by the hotel management from the airport.

Waecicu Eden Beach Hotel

Waecicu Eden Beach Hotel is a family-run hotel on the peninsula of the western part of Flores. This hotel offers a retreat in bungalows constructed from wood, bamboo, and coconut on a seaside hill. The hotel’s restaurant provides international cuisines from freshly caught fish and various drinks.

Le Pirate Hotel Labuan Bajo

Le Pirate Hotel Labuan Bajo is a newcomer in Labuan Bajo established in 2016. The hotel provides rooftop pool and bar, outdoor movie screens, and cruises. Bunkers are minimalist and painted with clear white and green. Island cruises with the Le Pirate Explorers is the specialty offered by the hotel’s management.
With the top 10 Hotels around Labuan Bajo, your holiday would be unforgettable. Try for yourself a little piece of heaven on earth!

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