Labuan Bajo: A Perfect Retreat for Peace Lovers and for Those Who Seek Adventures

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Labuan Bajo is a fishing town on the western tip of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Labuan Bajo maybe is better known as the gate to Komodo Island, the sanctuary for the Komodo dragons. Today, Labuan Bajo is one of busiest tourist centers in Flores. Not only because it is a gate to Komodo island, but Labuan Bajo is also special on its own. With beautiful nature and many attractions, Labuan Bajo can be a perfect retreat for those who seek peace and for those who seek adventures.

All begins with Komodo Island, the main attraction which is a magnet for an increasing number of tourists visiting the island. However, since there is no direct transport to Komodo Island, you have first to set your feet in Labuan Bajo before proceeding to Komodo Island. The increasing number of tourists sets the need for accommodations. Thus Labuan Bajo is developing into a crowded town with hotels and restaurants.

If you are visiting Labuan Bajo, be sure to visit the amazing natures it has to offer. You have to drop by at least one of these places:

Kalong Island

Kalong is the local name of big bats. And just as the name suggests, here in Kalong Island you can observe bats in their natural habitat. Besides, the landscape is quite fantastic as well.

Pink Beach

The name is quite odd, the Pink Beach. But true to its name, the beach is a stretch of pinky looking sand caused by fragments of red coral mixed with white sand. The water is crystal clear and shallow that you can see the charming coral reefs underneath. Snorkeling and diving are the top things to do here. The beach is accessible from Loh Liang through footpath and from Labuan Bajo via boats.

Taka Makassar, Manta Point

Komodo National Park is a migration path for a variety of marine life, including the manta rays. Diving near the Labuan Bajo, you may be fortunate enough to witness a flock of manta rays. Sea turtles are also commonly found in this area.

Pede Beach

Only about 1 kilometer from Labuan Bajo, Pede Beach is accessible on a paved road. The beach stretches between two hills, with white sand and views of the small islands beyond. It offers one of the best sunset views in Labuan Bajo.

Goa Batu Cermin

Goa Batu Cermin is approximately 3 km away from Labuan Bajo. The name means ‘A Cave of Stone Mirror,' as the sun's rays come to the cave through a hole and bounces on the stone walls of the cave. The cave is about 200 meters long with a lot of the alley sand filled with well-preserved stalactites and stalagmites. Inside the cave, you can also find fossils of marine animals stuck in some part of the cave walls.

Cunca Wulang and Cunca Rami

This waterfall is located about a two-hour drive from Labuan Bajo. Cunca Wulang is about 30 meters high, and Cunca Rami is about 15 meters high. Both offer a panoramic and refreshing landscape of nature. In good weather, visitors are allowed to swim in the cool and clear water.

Mountain top Mbeliling

Feel like enjoying the beautiful panorama of exotic the island from a top of a mountain? Climbing to Mountaintop Mbeliling is a good choice. The mountain peak is 1,250 meters above sea level and a good site for camping as well.

How to get There

To enjoy all about Labuan Bajo, you can go there via sea or air. The most common transport is by air, although you may need first to transit in Ngurah Rai Airport (Bali). By sea, two ships are cruising Bali-Labuan Bajo route: KM Tilongkabila & KM Wilis.

What to Eat

Local and western foods are easily found here in Labuan Bajo. In Mediterranean, for instance, you can find western and Italian food. The Sirloin Steak and Barracuda Loin are recommended. If you want to try the cheap but yummy local food, try to visit Kampung Ujung. There is a bunch of seafood and street food, where you can eat yummy grilled squid and fish with rice, for less than USD 5!

Where to Stay

There are a lot of inns, hotels, and resorts in Labuan Bajo you can stay in depending on your budget. Our recommendations for low budget hotels are Komodo Lodge, Bajo View, and Hotel Mutiara where you can get a room for around USD 10 per night. If you have a bigger budget, Blue Marlin Komodo and L Bajo Hotel are recommended as well.

That’s all about Labuan Bajo. So what are you waiting for? Pack your things and arrange the trip!

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