Batu Cermin Cave: Spectacular Sight on White Shining Rock

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Are you a big fan of outdoor adventures? Are you always keen on exploring new places, even the most challenging ones? If the answer to both questions is ‘yes', then it is time for you get to know all about Batu Cermin Cave. If you are also not a claustrophobic, then this can be your next destination.

What can we say about Batu Cermin Cave? Starting from the name itself, ‘Batu’ means “rock” and ‘Cermin’ means “mirror” in Indonesian. ‘Batu Cermin’ means "Rock Mirror." If that is the case, then does that mean that all the rocks inside that cave can reflect our shadows like mirrors do?

Batu Cermin Cave is located in Wae Kesambi Village, which is in West Manggarai, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. It is not too far from Labuan Bajo Harbour. It just half an hour trip inland to the cave. No wonder, it's accessibility invites a lot of tourists, both local and international.

Batu Cermin Cave was discovered by Dutch archeologist, Theodore Verhoeven in 1951. He had spread the news about it, so more people were interested in paying a visit. Not only that, but Verhoeven had also theorized that long time ago Flores was an island at the bottom of the ocean.

Centuries later up to now, people still visit Batu Cermin Cave. What is so unique about this cave? Judging from the meaning of the name, some people may expect that the rocks in the cave work as mirrors too. However, it is not entirely true. The cave is 19 hectares wide, with the height of the rocks up to 75 meters. The rocks are also about 40 meters long. What you see might ruin your early expectation a bit, because it is just like any other caves in tropical countries. The cave consists of stalactites and stalagmites within.

Still, there is a reason why the cave is named ‘Batu Cermin’. During the dry season, the ray of the sun comes into the crevices of the cave walls. The rock reflects the wall, making it seem shiny like when the light shines on a mirror.

What to do in Batu Cermin Cave:

If this is your very first trip to Batu Cermin Cave, then what can you do there?

If Batu Cermin Cave is not the only attraction you would like to see, staying in a hotel nearby is an option. You can go to Cunca Walung Waterfall on the next day. Whenever there is a hotel, there are choices of places to eat, from restaurants with local foods to international delicacies. Depending on your budget, you can either choose the regular and fancy hotels or backpackers’ hostels.

Things to carry while you are in Flores should include: mosquito repellents, antimalarial pills, sunscreen, hats or caps, and sunglasses. Prepared yourself, weather might scorching and humid during the dry season.

Exploring Batu Cermin Cave is the most chosen activity here, especially for first-time visitors. The cave has multiple underground rooms, but there is no need to worry. The tracks are easy to follow that you will not get lost. Still, having a local and more experienced guide can help you. The guide will also lend you a flashlight if you forget to bring your own. In the nearby forest, you can sometimes see monkeys with long tails and wild boars. Mind your personal belongings, because these monkeys might be interested in snatching what you are bringing while you are not looking. Speaking of that, you might need to bring your foods or snacks and drinks while you are in there.

Batu Cermin Cave is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Flores and already have easy pathway to follow. Before you enter, make sure that you prepare IDR 10,000 as an entry fee and another twenty for the guide. Don't forget to sign a guestbook before entering.

How to get to Batu Cermin Cave:

Now you have learned all about Batu Cermin Cave, are you ready to go?

Located only about four kilometers from the east side of Labuan Bajo Harbour. There are plenty of tour packages with Batu Cermin Cave as part of the destinations. If you travel solo or with a group, you can either walk there together, ride bikes, and take a cab or a bus. It only takes about one and a half hour to get there. You can ask around or look at a local map or GPS on your smartphone, as long as the network connection is working.

Just like other tourist attractions in Flores, getting to know all about Batu Cermin Cave is an experience you will never forget.

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