Ежедневный спидбот тур



Daily one-day tour is an affordable option for traveler who has limited time and want to explore the most of Komodo National Park. With our speedboats, we could reach every destination faster and enable us to spend more time on each places.

We have selected 6 of the most popular, and most requested destinations in Komodo National Park:

Padar Island: World’s famous trekking view with mesmerizing tri-colored beaches: black beach, white beach, and pink beach from the top of the hill.

Pink Beach : One of our secret hideaway beach. A long, reserved pink beach with a beautiful coral garden for snorkeling.

Komodo Island : Observe the Komodo dragon in the wild, see how they are hunting in real life. Enjoy the atmosphere of pure wilderness in the Island of Komodo dragon on the trek with ranger.

Taka Makasar : A unique crescent shaped pink beach in the middle of the sea, perfect spot for relaxing and snorkeling.

Manta Point : Snorkeling with the gentle creature Manta Ray. Definitely the kind of experience you do not want to miss.

Kanawa Island : Small island near Labuan Bajo. Another spot for snorkeling.


We start our trip by picking up our travelers from the hotel at 6.30 AM - 6.50 AM. We will depart from the harbor at 7.00 AM on the way to our first destination, Padar Island. It will take around 1.5 hour to reach Padar Island. Meanwhile on the way you can have a light breakfast we prepare on the boat whilst enjoying the magnificent view of Komodo National Park with our open speedboat. We spend around 1-1,5 hour on each destination, and we will arrive back at Labuan Bajo harbor at 4.30 – 5.30 PM.

In this daily open tour travelers are not free to choose which speedboat they want to go. If there will be 7 people or less we will go with our “Red Whale III”, and if there will be more than 7 we will go with our “Red Whale I”. If you wish to do tour with different itinerary and destination, you can inquire us for “Private tour” instead.

We are a team of divers who specialized in arranging private dive and tours with high standard quality service. In this daily open tour, we are focusing on an ultimate small group of travelers with no more than 14 people on our speedboat. We believe that less is more, so our team can focus on each person’s needs and safety throughout the whole trip.


6:30 - Hotel pick up
7:00 - Departure to Padar Island
8:15 - Arrival at Padar Island. Start hiking to the top of the hill
9:45 - Finished trekking and taking pictures, back to speedboat. Departure to Padar Pink Beach
10:00 - Arrival to Pink Beach. Snorkeling around the area and enjoy the incredible colors of the sand.
11:00 - Departure to Komodo Island to see the famous dragons. Here you can take the short, medium or even long trekking.
13:00 - Departure to Taka Makassar. Lunch on the way to next destination.
13:30 - Arrival to Taka Makassar. Enjoying swimming here and sunbathing on a tiny island in the middle of Flores Sea.
14:15 - Departure to Manta Point. Snorkeling with Mantas if we are lucky to find them.
15:00 - Departure to Kanawa Island
15:30 - Arrival at Kanawa Island. Enjoy the beach, sunbathing and snorkeling around the reef of Kanawa Island.
16:30 - Departure back to Labuan Bajo
17:00 - Arrival to Labuan Bajo. Transfer to your hotel.
17:30 - You are back to your hotel

Please note that the itinerary can be changed during the day due to weather conditions. We strictly follow the harbor master and captain decision on when to cancel or change the schedule of the tour for the interest of your safety. The time of the itinerary is an example and the time range can be different from the actual tour

Price includes:

Snorkeling equipment rental (mask, snorkel, fins, life jacket)
Clean towel
Lunch, mineral water, soda , fruits, snacks
Hotel pick up / drop off
Tour Guide

Price NOT includes:

Entrance tickets fee to Komodo National Park & Ranger
Alcohol drinks
Tips for speedboat team
Medical Insurance

In this daily tour, we will visit 2 trekking destinations and 4 snorkeling destinations. The sun in Flores is nothing to be joking about, adding the Savannah ecosystem that we are in, it will emphasize the heat. We suggest to bring hat, running/trekking shoes for comfortable trekking, sunscreen & after sunscreen, insect repellent, and some cash to buy the Komodo National Park Ticket & Ranger. Kindly check our FAQ page for the details of ticket price.