Labuan Bajo Fish Market: Heaven for Seafood Lovers

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For all of you who love eating fish, it is always nice to find these delicacies when you are on holiday. It is even better when you can get them as fresh as possible. Of course, the only way to do so is when you are around the harbor area and at fish markets. If you happen to be in Flores, then you can enjoy all about Labuan Bajo Fish Market.

Labuan Bajo is more than just a harbor. It is also the capital of West Manggarai, Flores. Still, you can call Labuan Bajo a harbor city, because once you set a foot there, all you see is ships and boats everywhere. All shapes and sizes, you can see local fishermen use their boats to go fishing.

If you would like to enjoy beaches nearby while relaxing, then go around Labuan Bajo. There are Pede Beach and Pinongko Beach. There are also plenty of restaurants or cafes nearby that offer fish as their best menus. You can enjoy your meal as you sit and watch the sunset.

Then, what about Labuan Bajo Fish Market? What is so special about it?

Just like all fish markets in harbor areas, this one always opens in early morning. If you want to cook seafood all by yourself (if possible in the place where you are staying), surely you want to get them as fresh as possible. Come to Labuan Bajo Fish Market as early as possible.

What to do in Labuan Bajo Fish Market:

Shopping for fresh seafood? Check. What else? There is also a long line of food stalls that you can try. Of course, they all serve all kinds of fish and other seafood. Make sure you are not allergic to seafood, although you can still order something else, like local Indonesian dish called ‘martabak.‘ It is like a pancake, influenced by Arabian, Indian, and Egyptian foods of the same style. If you are allergic but still a big fan of seafood, make sure you bring your medications with you. You do not want to ruin your holiday here by having to go straight to a doctor after a meal.

One of the restaurants in the area that you should try is called Philemon. They have two menus made of fish: ikan kuah asam (fish with sour broth) and ikan kuah asam manis (fish with sour and sweet broth). These menus, ikan kuah asam, and ikan kuah asam manis has yellow broth with a fresh scent of spices. The meal is served with fresh red snapper, also added with slices of fresh pineapple. Hmm, it is tempting, isn’t it?

Philemon opens at seven in the morning until eight in the evening. A lot of local and international tourists visit this restaurant for the fresh delicacies.

Another restaurant that is affordable is called Kampung Ujung.In Indonesian, ‘kampung’ means “village” and ‘ujung’ means “corner”. Kampung Ujung is a culinary center of Labuan Bajo at night. There are about thirty food stalls that serve a variety of seafood, from grilled fish, squid and crab.

The best thing about this place is that you get to choose your own fish for your meals. This restaurant is very close to Labuan Bajo Fish Market. No wonder that they always serve fresh fish and other seafood too.

Are you hungry already? If you are already around Labuan Bajo, just walk there. Choose a spot and order a portion or two.

While you are having your meals, you get to see the “melting pot” in front of you. Backpackers, both local sand internationals, gather around here. Who knows? You might get yourself some new friends here. Strike a conversation or respond to anyone who wants to talk to you. Life is full of surprises, after all.

How to get to Labuan Bajo Fish Market:

It is perhaps the easiest route. Once you get to Labuan Bajo Harbour, it is already there. Once you book a room at a hotel or a hostel of your choice, you can go straight to the market or any restaurants nearby for something to eat. In fact, you can also buy something that you can carry with you for your journey to other islands around Labuan Bajo. Dried salty fish (ikan teri kering) lasts longer than other types of fish. You can eat it with rice or even munch it as a snack.

Now you know all about Labuan Bajo Fish Market. In Labuan Bajo, they have all they need: fresh air, beaches, hotels and hostels, tourist attractions (like Batu Cermin Cave and Cunca Walung Waterfall), and most importantly fish and other seafood to eat.

Wait no more. Time to book a ticket to Flores.

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