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Diving is an exciting activity, as you will get a chance to enter to the new world under the water and witness the life in it. Part of making a remarkable scuba diving experience is making sure that you are prepared for it. Here are a few things you need to know about preparation before diving vacation.

1. Getting fit for diving

Getting your body fit is the first preparation bef…

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I have to admit; the title may seem too much. To clarify, we are not going to talk about the fire-breathing dragons, but Komodo dragons, the largest lizards to live on our planet. Rather than dragons, they are more close to being called dinosaurs. In fact, researchers believe that Komodo dragons (Varanus Komodoensis) are relatives to the ancient dinosaurs (Allosaurus and Giganotosaurus).

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When you decide to do diving, you do not need to rent an expensive package of diving equipment. But if you do not have any diving equipment, you can rent it for the whole package, particularly if it is your first time diving and you still don’t have any dive log. You should look for a dive center which has good condition of equipment, and other essential thing for you to be able to learn and en…

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Diving in Komodo National Park, as one of the world’s best diving destination with the richest diversity of marine life, is an exceptional thing you have to encounter. Since the green and blue turquoise-colored water with hills surrounding on the sea surface will not be enough to fulfill your felicity, this place will offer you to see the whole 1,000 species of fish, 260 species of coral reef, …

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Are you planning to visit Komodo, but having a hard time to find the affordable, comfortable and safe way to get there? There are some options to get to Komodo Island from Bali, the most known place in Indonesia.

If you are backpacking to Indonesia, then spending three or more days in Flores should be on your list. Its location on the most east part of Indonesia makes it as a fantastic p…